The Central American Relief Project (CARP) Student Sponsorship Program begins its fourteenth year, and one more child has entered the project.  Twenty-four children from Cristo Centro Congregations in San Salvador and Sonsonate receive help.  Also included are students from other congregations in suburban San Salvador, the capital, and the state of Santa Ana.  Many of the children live with their biological mother and father.  In other cases, adoptive family groups and single mothers raise and care for them.  All are financially challenged, live under difficult circumstances, have unstable work, an illness, or live in neighborhoods without sufficient facilities.

The children attend Christian schools, where possible, and the school year begins in January.  The full sponsorship ($50 monthly) includes: annual registration and school supplies, monthly tuition, a monthly canasta básica (food staples), school supplies and vitamins.  Parents buy their children’s books and uniforms on their own, whenever possible.

The children and their families are encouraged to give as they have received; to tithe to the work of their congregation in money or time; attend services and participate in the activities of the congregation; and maintain good grades and behavior in their schools.  Thirty-seven have graduated from high school since 2005; three will graduate in December 2016.  Nine are attending college, and five graduated.  We see God working and are excited to see His name lifted up in this generation of devout youngsters in El Salvador.